10A 12/24V Automatic Solar Charger/Lighting Controller Weatherproof

  • Includes 2-year manufacturer's warranty
  • This controller is encapsulated to be fully weatherproof and is suitable for use in a marine environment.


Weatherproof (IP68) 10A Solar Controller
Temperature compensated charging
Multiple operation modes, may be used as automatic lighting controller
PWM Work model
12V or 24V Automatic
With timer and light sensor 

Key features:

1. IP68 waterproof

2. 12V/24 auto

3. Five load working modes

4. No-load loss is less than 8mA.

5. mini size.


1.over load

2.over charging

3.over discharging

4.short circuit

5.reverse polarity

6.TVS lightning


ModelSR-SL 10A
System voltage12V/24V Auto
System current10A
No-load loss< 8mA
Solar energy input voltage< 55V
Overvoltage protection17.0V; ×2/24V
Equal charging voltage14.6V; ×2/24V(25°C), duration:1h
Ascending charging voltage14.4V; ×2/24V(25°C), duration:2h
Float charging voltage13.8V; ×2/24V (25°C)
Return voltage during charging13.2V; ×2/24V (25°C)
Return voltage for over-discharging12.5V; ×2/24V
Undervoltage12.0V; ×2/24V
Over-discharging voltage11.1V; ×2/24V
Temperature compensation-4.0mv/°C/2V
Light-control voltageLight-control open 5V; light-control close 6V
Light-control judgment time10min
Overload and short circuit protectionoverload protection - 1.25x rated current: 30s; 1.5x rated current: 5s
short circuit protection - ≥3x rated current
Working temperature-35°C to +65°C
Protection levelIP68
Weight140g (5oz)
Dimensions82×58×20mm (3.23×2.28×0.79")


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10A 12/24V Automatic Solar Charger/Lighting Controller Weatherproof

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