iTracer IT4415ND, 45A 12/24/36/48V MPPT Solar Charge Controller w/display

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iTracer is an industrial grade product with advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm. It can deliver the maximum available power for charging batteries and charge a lower nominal voltage battery from a higher nominal voltage array. And can be applied in the off-grid PV systems up to 3KW.  The die-cast aluminum design ensures excellent heat dispersion.


 .  Advanced MPPT algorithm with the max. tracking efficiency of 99%.
 .  Multi-phase synchronous rectification technology realizing peak conversion efficiency 98%
 .  Dual-core(ARM CPU+DSP) control architecture improves the system response speed and optimizes the performance of the system
 .  Multiphase control technology, optimizes charging current smoothness, reduces ripple and improves the system efficiency
 .  128*64 dot-matrix LCD intuitively displays data and state, 6 buttons combinations for easy operation
 .  Four battery type options: Sealed, Gel, Flooded and User-defined
 .  Energy statistics recording, it is convenient for users to view charging and discharging energy of each day, month, year and total value.
 .  Diversified load control mode
 .  Programmable battery management parameters
 .  Built-in running data and event logging, max. 15 months
 .  Extensive communication capabilities (RS232,RS485 with Modbus protocol,CAN Bus extendable)
 .  PC software available for real time monitoring and parameter setting
 .  Field upgradable firmware

Electronic protections:

 .  PV short circuit  protection                                      
 .  PV overvoltage protection
 .  PV over current protection                                       
 .  PV reverse polarity protection
 .  Reverse current protection at night                        
 .  Over temperature protection
 .  Battery reverse polarity protection                         
 .  Load overload protection                                          
 .  Load short circuit protection


Model IT4415ND
Nominal system voltage 12V/24V/36V/48V (automatic)
Rated  battery current  45A
Rated  load current  45A
Max. PV open circuit voltage   150V
Battery voltage range    8~72V
Max. PV input power 600W  (12V)
 1200W  (24V)
 1800W  (36V)
 2400W  (48V)
Self-consumption 1.4~2.2W
Equalize charging voltage  Sealed: 14.6V,  Flooded: 14.8V,  User-defined: 9~17V
Boost charging voltage Gel: 14.2V,  Sealed: 14.6V,  Flooded: 14.8V,  User-defined: 9~17V
Float charging voltage  Gel /Sealed /Flooded: 13.8V,  User-defined: 9~17V
Low voltage reconnect voltage Gel /Sealed /Flooded: 12.6V,  User-defined: 9~17V
Low voltage disconnect voltage Gel /Sealed /Flooded: 11.1V, User-defined: 9~17V
Grounding Common negative
Tracking efficiency  99%
Peak conversion efficiency  98%
Overall 382x231x107mm (15x9x4¼")
Mounting 362x205mm (14¼x8")
Terminal 35mm2 (2 AWG)
Net Weight 4.6 kg (10 lbs.)

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iTracer IT4415ND, 45A 12/24/36/48V MPPT Solar Charge Controller w/display

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