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Lighting & LEDs


LEDKC-UV Ultraviolet LED Keychain Light

True UV LED - this ultraviolet model produces a beam of approximately 365-370 nm, well into the true UV spectrum. Ultraviolet LEDs in this wavelength are hard to find, so availability is limited! This is probably one of the smallest, most portable ultraviolet lights available. Useful for scientific experiments, check verification, phosphorescent illumination, black light, and more. Produces a focused UV beam.

These little LED lights go wherever you go. Weighs only 1/4 ounce, yet surprisingly bright and long-lasting! Includes user-replaceable coin cell lithium batteries and keyring. Squeeze to turn on, or use the built-in switch for hands-free operation. Available in white, red, yellow, green, blue, violet, and ultraviolet. The white light is best for most uses and provides an impressive evenly-illuminated beam, very easy to see by. The red light is perfect for astronomers as it preserves your night vision. The UV light is great for check verification and scientific experiments.

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