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Summer Academy Of The Arts: The Teachers

Mario Álvarez Cisneros

Mario is originally from Huarandacareo, Michoacán, Mexico. In 1986, Mario graduated as an elementary school teacher, he has been working in Huandacareo as a teacher for over fifteen years in two teaching positions. He has experience working with children from 3rd to 6th grade. Mario has a diploma in dance, and he has been a dance teacher at an elementary school.

Miriam Socorro Alonzo Farfán

Miriam was born in Tiríndaro, Michoacán. Miriam achieved her professional studies in Morelia, Michoacan, where she graduated as a Pre-school teacher from the Normal para Educadoras, and works as a teacher since 1983. Later, she returned to school to take courses in Artistic Education. Thanks to this training, Miriam now works as a second grade teacher and as an Art teacher in a secondary school in the areas of Physical Education and Visual and Plastic Arts.

Deyanira Vazquez Gaviña

Deyanira is originally from the State of Guanajuato, Mexico, where she went to school and became a Physical Education teacher. Afterward, Deyanira obtained her B.A. in Physical Education in the City of Mexico, and later she finished her Master degree in Didactic Physical Education. Deyanira has been working 23 years as a teacher in the State of Michoacan, where she has worked at different academic levels. In the present, she functions as a Technical Pedagogical Assessor in the headquarters of an academic region, where her main function is to asses and train physical education teachers that work at the preschool level.

Mariano Roberto Gonzalez Beristaín

Mariano was born in Culiacán, Sinaloa. He has studied in the Escuela Popular de Bellas Artes. Mariano has also excelled as a soloists trovador in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, making presentations in radio and television. Since 1994, he resides in Urupuan, Michoacán, where he works with 3 to 5 year old children teaching music lessons with the purpose that students develop their expression abilities and their artistic appreciation in dance and in theater. In addition, Mariano has been the cofounder of Choir “Uruapan”, and is, until now, the vocalization teacher of such choir. He is presently also the soloists of the “Rondalla Magisterial Procrea.”