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After School Program

The after school program will function as a support program for the Adelante a la Universidad program. The person in charge of this program will develop tutoring sessions for students after their academic needs have been determined in an assessment session. During the first year, the After School Program will function only tutoring the students who are enrolled in the Adelante a la Universidad program. The second year, the Centro expects to include other students not enrolled in the above program, but in need of tutoring classes to improve their academic performance. It is expected that at least three teachers, including the coordinator, will be hired to work as teachers in this program. The expected positions will be filled with teachers whose expertise are in the areas of English reading and writing, and math.

The director of the After School Program will be in charge of coordinating and scheduling tutoring classes and of evaluating the students and their teachers every three months, in order to adjust the tutoring classes as the students’ needs may change. Additionally, the director of this program will work closely with the director of the Adelante a la Universidad program by submitting reports of students’ progress every three months.